My trip across the pond…

May 22nd, 2008

It’s funny how we take things for-granted.  Like when I talked about going the UK “for the weekend” recently.  Leaving on a Wednesday night and returning home on Sunday night seemed quite reasonable to me.  But I was met with many looks of disbelief and a few “are you crazy?” inquiries.  We wanted to go and see Phil’s family as it’s been ages since we’ve both been back.  I guess I accepted early on in our relationship that this is how it would be.  We traveled back and forth across & between countries most of our time dating.  If we hadn’t there wouldn’t have been a relationship.    So, it was weird to step back and take a look at our life through someone else’s eyes. To me I was going to visit the in-laws for the weekend.  To other people I was doing something out of the ordinary in comparison to their lives.  If they only knew how weird it seems to me to see your in-laws in the same country as your parents- let alone at the same dining room table for a holiday meal.  Or to be able to call them in the evening and not worry about waking them up in the middle of the night.  I guess we all take stuff for-granted.

Care to join me for coffee?

May 3rd, 2008

So, it seems at least one of you actually reads this thing…go figure.  That being said, I guess it’s time for an update.  So, why don’t you join me for a cup of coffee on this Saturday morning and I’ll catch you up?

Spring is officially in CT.  Not because it’s warm and sunny, but because as I sit on our new couch (a great Crate & Barrel purchase may I add) early on Saturday morning, Phil is already on his way to play golf.  I’m always amazed at his ability to get up at the crack of dawn, even on a gloomy gray day like today and be as thrilled as he is to go around a golf course.  I can’t help but smile and be put in a good mood by his enthusiasm 🙂

But, back to this couch.  Damn, it’s comfy.  Our old blue one was great, but this is a much better match (a cocoa color that goes with the brown room- pics to come).  And when I start to miss the old couch, I can go in the dining room and take a seat on it.  Yes, it is in our dining room.  Apparently, it couldn’t fit thru the doorway to get into the basement and we just can’t seem to live in a place where the dining room doesn’t double as a sitting room.  For any of you who ever saw our places in Seattle or Naugatuck, you know this to be true.  We always have at least one room with multiple personalities.

After months of talking about it we finally booked a trip back to England to visit Phil’s family.  It’s funny how people perceive things.  To us, we’re actually going for longer than we thought we could, although we know it’s a quick trip.  But when I tell people we’re leaving on a Wednesday night and we’ll be back Sunday night they think we’re crazy.  We’re both excited to go home and see our friends and family so we will make any amount of time we get to do that work for us.

Work has been a bit of a challenge recently.  I don’t like that I’m old enough to actually see and feel the effects of the economy…When did that happen?? I’ve seen a few of my consultants go recently to projects losing funding and seen managers start to hire a bit more cautiously.  One bit of advice I would like to give to anyone looking to change jobs -for god sake give notice!  I’m always surprised when I have to explain to a seasoned “professional” why I am upset that he/she has decided “today is my last day”.  Who thinks this is a good idea???  If I said to a consultant I need you to walk off the project you are on and start for me tomorrow, and they agree, chances are I will rescind the offer.  Because I know full well if you screw them, you’ll screw me.  It’s happened to me twice in the last week so I’m a bit bitter.  Okay, I’m done venting….I’m ready to move on.

Well, not sure about you, but I’m just about finished with my coffee.  I’d love to stay for another cup, but I’ve got to go get ready for yoga.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

I said “share”, not “scare”…

April 11th, 2008

Is it me, or do people tell you things? I don’t mean friends that you are close with, look to for advice and have a shared history with.  I mean virtual strangers and mere acquaintances.  I guess I should feel privileged that a person feels comfortable enough to open up and share with me…Wait scrap that, some people just don’t what it means to have a filter and it’s wrong.  I found myself in a situation this week with a person who felt it was necessary to share the explicit (and dare I say graphic- do you see where I’m tactfully going with this?) details of her latest crisis.   I tried my best to end the conversation without encouraging further disclosure, but in the end I was trapped in my office with nowhere to run and with what is usually an endlessly ring phone that had fallen suddenly silent.

I found myself discussing this with some friends after work tonight.  The general consensus was we were raised that there are 3 things you don’t discuss in polite company 1. Politics 2. Sex and 3. Money.  More and more I find that I come into contact with people who simply don’t have a clue….Maybe I need to teach a class on it…lol

Well, I wouldn’t say I had a week from hell, but more like gridlock traffic on your way to JFK- the car’s running but your not getting anywhere.  Everything I did at work seemed to end up falling short or simply crashing and burning.  At least there’s the chance for a fresh start on Monday 🙂

Speaking of airports, I got to bring Phil back to the airport for his trip to LA and then to Vegas for NAB.  There is something cruel and unusual about making 3 trips to the airport in the last week and not taking one damn trip myself.  I’d say I’m not bitter, but I’d be lying and I don’t like to lie.

So, I decided if I wasn’t traveling, then my surroundings should be as comfortable as possible.  Seems reasonable, right?  That being said I went out at lunch on Wednesday and bought a new sofa at Crate and Barrel.  It has a chaise on one side (my side, of course) and is so comfy!  I can’t wait for it to be delivered next weekend.

Well, that all for me tonight. Take care.

Happy Saturday :)

March 29th, 2008

I guess I’m as good with blogging as I am with other modes of communication…lol.  Oh, well, I just move on from here and hope for forgiveness…

As it turned out, the Tax Man was our friend this year.  In fact he is now classified as one of our closest…It’s always nice to have that time of year behind us.  Phil and I decided to treat ourselves to a new toy each in celebration of our unexpected mini windfall.  He is the proud owners of an iPod Touch and I have a new digital camera- a Nikon CoolPix.  My plan is to add some pizazz to my blog (I know, you haven’t heard the word “pizazz” in ages…bet you’ll use it at some point in the next week or so…)

I’m off to meet Sophie and Becky for a girls’ lunch today and to celebrate Becky’s engagement to Jonathan!  They will be moving to Trumbull, assuming today’s house inspection goes without any major issues.  I’m pysched that she will be living closer to us- only a little over an hour away as opposed to almost 2.  It will be great to see them and hopefully I’ll come back with some pictures to post 🙂

Work is same old same old.  The recruiting world works in quarters so I’m happy that the first one is over and I’ve had strong performance to show for it.  I get this weekend to destress and not worry about making my numbers and then it’s back to it on Monday.  These last few days of the quarter are always my favorite.  You know where you stand, there’s no more that you can do and there’s no need to drive yourself crazy about the next quarter because you’ve got loads of time to prove yourself all over.

Phil start a mini burst of travel next week.  Florida for  few days, home for a few, then off to LA and Vegas…As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve whined a fair amount about the injustice of him spending time in warm weather while I’m still wearing my winter jacket here in CT.  Of course, I completely ignore the fact that he is working on all of these trips (for the most part…lol) as my Seasonal Affect Disorder kicks into full force and I eagerly await for the leaves to come back on the trees and my beach chair to make it’s way up from the basement. 

But as I was reminded by my older (and he believes wiser) colleague- “Stop your whining and remember where you’re going in August young lady”. 

Yippee! It’s finally March. Now, where are my snow boots?

March 1st, 2008

Maybe it’s just me, but I associate the month of March with the first signs of Spring.  So, with this in mind, I expected little chirping birds and the smell of fresh cut grass to greet me as I woke up this morning.

Fat chance.  It snowed again.  Correction, it’s still snowing. About 7 inches and counting.

So instead of heading off to yoga bright and early this morning, Phil shovelled his car out so he could bring it in for it’s service and I’ve decided that I can go to class tomorrow evening instead.  The thought of bundling up and heading out into this has absolutely no appeal- even for the promise of a bit of inner peace. 

So, it was quite the week.  Veronica came to stay with us before she heads home to Rochester.  It was a blast having her around.  It balanced out the craziness at work.   My friend Becky announced that her and her boyfriend, Jonathan got engaged.  I’m so psyched for her.  She is a fantastic person, as those of you who know her can attest, and I wish her all the happiness in the world.  Phil has been asked to take the pictures at his sister’s wedding.  He’s very excited, but I feel there will be some requests for new camera lenses heading my way shortly…lol!

Me, I’ve been sick.  After the valiant attempt at denial that I set forth for a few days, I caved and made a trip to the pharmacy (Note I don’t say “doctor”.  I’m so much like my dad…) for supplies.  Don’t think I feel much better for it.  But, as I was told, being sick sucks…but it happens.  So, with that I’m done whining.

Hopefully, we’ll get great news from our friends at H & R Block this afternoon…Yep, tax time again.  It’s that fun time of year where you walk into the office wholeheartedly believing that this was the year you got it right.  You deducted the right amounts, withheld more that necessary just in case, and paid Uncle Sam enough to make him happy.  Who am I kidding?  We don’t have a clue…

Why does working from home make me feel like I’m being watched?

February 22nd, 2008

In theory, it sounds great.  Work from home, don’t bother braving the elements, the stupid drivers and 8 inches of snow to go into the office when you can work from the comfort of your house.  Then why do I feel tied to my computer every minute of the day or I’ll “get in trouble”? Am I back in Catholic school?  I’d get up from my desk if I was in the office…I’d get a cup of coffee…chat with a co-worker and still get my work done.  Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe it’s  a guilt thing (I mentioned the Catholic upbringing, right??).  Either way I’ve been too damn productive on a day meant for sledding and snowball fights.

Another busy week is wrapping up around here.  I finally went home for a couple of days for President’s Day since Phil was working and caught up with Linda (we really need to plan our girl’s weekend…) and spent some quality time with the parents.  It was nice to be home and feel spoiled and kinda like I was 10 years old again.

I’m sad to say that there has been a change at work has been less that happy this week.  My friend Veronica has decided to move back to Rochester.  V- I would just like to say that while I understand and support the reasons for your decision, you will be greatly missed and I wish you didn’t have to go…How am I going to keep up with the latest Trance music (aka- crap) if you’re gone??  You’d better keep in touch!

Well, the paranoia/guilt thing is kicking in again…time to get back to work and finish up the day.

Hawaii here we come!!!

February 14th, 2008

In August that is…we officially booked our trip back to Maui this week!  We’re not going till the end of August, but I still am ridiculously excited.  Can I start packing?? Or at the very least shopping for new clothes??  I have always been the first to admit to being a princess and that I enjoy being spoiled so it will come as no surprise that we are going back to stay at the Ritz. 

Here’s the link to their website if you want to check it out:

So, we have till August to save our pennies.  Rosario @ Liberty Travel in West Hartford was really helpful in getting this booked (thanks Patty!).  We weren’t able to get a direct flight there so we’ll be spending some quality time in Dallas on the way there and the way home. 

Sorry, Paul, we couldn’t get a good flight thru LA 🙁  I’ll have to just invite myself for a separate trip to LA another time during the year ;)….

Checking In

February 9th, 2008

Hello there….you know you need to get out more when work is what’s occupied most of your time recently.  Not a lot to report, although I have been reminded me to never assume anything.  Take a few examples:

  1. If someone lives in TX, it is not guaranteed they know there is a time difference in CT
  2. Just because you offer to pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to come for an interview doesn’t mean they will
  3. Not everyone believes Chinese food should be served hot

So, the week has been an exercise in patience to say the least.  Patience, that according to that damn groundhog, I’m going to need to make it through another 6 weeks of winter.  I think it is time to see about booking our trip to Hawaii…

Our friends have had some good stuff to report recently.  Our friends Tina and Wrighty in Wales have announced that they will soon become parents!  Our other friends from Seattle, Tina and Jabran welcomed a new addition to their family, Isabel on Feb 3rd. 

We’re off to get our photos done today (after yoga, of course) so we get get our passports renewed.  Still not sure how we let those expire.  Maybe I’ll blame it on the work thing…..

Go Giants!!!

February 2nd, 2008

You all know I’m not a huge sports fan, but living up here in New England country I just felt the need to reafirm my roots…(I admit Fairfield County isn’t in NY, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than Boston) 

Personally, I’m looking forward to some great commericals and maybe a decent halftime show…Okay, well at least the commercials should be good 🙂


Tequila, toddlers and Life on Mars…

January 27th, 2008

Well, that about sums up this chilly January weekend.  Friday, Phil and I went out with our friends Mike and Shona.  Thanks to an unexpected work incident (never a dull moment in TV Land), we changed our plans from Hibachi, to a more local choice- Mexican.  We had a great time with lots of laughs and from what I tasted some yummy margaritas (just remember, Phil, I’m not designated driver next time we go out…I took pity on you for your tough day…lol).  It was a late night by my standards, but since I was skipping my Saturday morning yoga, it was all good.

Me skip yoga?? Well, I had a good reason.  My friend Lisa (see previous blog responses) came to visit with her two sons, Nicholas and JP.  We hadn’t seen each other in longer than I care to admit here, but it was as if I had just seen her last week.  It’s like that with people who’ve known you long enough to see your not-so-perfect sides, rode shotgun with you through Bridgeport and understand the concept of determining your future by whether or not the cigarette butt actually falls between the grates when you toss it…Nope, you just can’t replace or erase that sort of history.

We had a fun visit once they made it to our place.  I commend Lisa’s patience to sit through 2hrs of traffic, a closed highway and detours through God’s country all the time being co-piloted by a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 month old.  We exchanged Christmas presents, birthday presents (told ya it had been awhile…) and stories.  All in all a really good Saturday.

Today was a bit quieter.  A trip to the mall with Phil that proved to be better luck for him than me and then we spent some quality time watching what I believe to be the last episode of Life on Mars, a somewhat confusing British TV show about a man in a coma who goes back to the 70s to right some wrong doing and get himself to come out of the coma.  Ok, this might not be the exact plot line (I warned you it was a bit confusing) but it got me sucked in.  Now I just need to see what else the show’s star, John Simm, is going to be in next…

We’ve had snow showers here today and more cold weather.  The perfect sort of day to wrap up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book.  Think that’s where I’ll head to now.  Till next time…